Must Stops in the Smokies

Trust Us – The Truth Simply Is – These are the don’t miss locations in the Smoky Mountains for whatever occasion you happen to be visiting for!

Gnorbert’s Magic Gem Mine

Gnorbert’s Magic Gem MineDon’t Miss Gnorbert’s Magic Gem Mine in Wears Valley, Tennessee.  Located at Friendly Falls, Gnorbert’s Magic Gem Mine is situated right in front of a private waterfall with easy access for children and adults alike.  Find Gems and identify them up at the Rock Shop!... Read More »

Smoky Mountain Jeep Rentals

Smoky Mountain Jeep RentalsAdventure Rentals in the Smokies.  See Why you want to rent from us. Read our Trip Advisor Reviews and know we are the best, our Jeeps will thrill the adventure seeker in you!  New Jeep Wranglers, see our printable coupon!... Read More »

Friendly Falls in Wears Valley ,TN

Friendly Falls in Wears Valley ,TNBy Far, the coolest place to be in Wears Valley, Tennessee.  Very unique shopping, reunion, wedding venue.   Gem Mine attraction, with picnic menu and locations.  Light Dining, fun refreshments by the private waterfall.  Waterfall weddings and events.  Gnorbert’s Magic Gem Mine is a delight for kids of all ages.... Read More »